Time Tracking for Payroll Reports

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Accurate Payroll

Use our payroll reports as a real-time payroll calculator for your hourly

Work hours that are submitted by your employees will automatically be flagged for approval by a manager or admin, so only approved hours end up on pay checks and take home pay is always accurate for every employee.

We also calculate overtime based on your own custom overtime rules and take care of subtracting all unpaid break times.

Boomr offers precise, down to the minute timekeeping, so you no longer have to worry about employees padding timecards or rounding up their clock out times.


Online Payroll and Timesheets

These days, there are many great online payroll products to choose from. Companies that use online payroll save time and money when processing payroll, plus they have the reassurance that employees will be paid on time.

With Boomr, you can seamlessly import our payroll reports directly into your preferred online payroll vendor with the click of a button. Run your entire business in the cloud, plus never forget to pay timesheets with our helpful reminders at the close of every work week and pay cycle.

Online payroll


Send Hours Directly to Your Payroll Company

When your company uses one of our software integrations, we’ll automatically send approved employee work time directly into your payroll system, without you having to do a thing! It’s a bit like magic.

This gives you peace of mind that all necessary work hours are in your pay run, prior to submitting payroll for payment. Our software integrates seamlessly with Gusto, QuickBooks Online, Xero, BambooHR, Namely and more. Plus, if you want us to build an integration with your payroll vendor just let us know


Flexible Payroll Reporting

Run our certified payroll reports according to your existing pay period. Our product works for companies of all sizes, so whether you are a small business with 1 employee or a larger operation with many offices and 1000 employees, we can keep your payroll data organized. Establish your own work week, pay period and overtime preferences, and run custom reports for any date range.



Track Time for Exempt and Salaried Employees

Did you know that new FLSA regulations might soon be requiring you to pay overtime for salaried employees? It’s now more important than ever for you to shield your business from fines and stay compliant by setting up a time tracking system for employees that receive a fixed amount of pay each pay period.

Boomr is here to help. Our payroll reports include both hourly and salaried employees, so even your exempt staff can track time and you’ll be notified when they are approaching the overtime threshold.


We Manage Employee Time So You
Don't Have To

Mobile and desktop time tracking built for businesses, overtime
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