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Mobile Time Tracking App for Staffing, Temp Agencies & Event Planning

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Track Time From Anywhere

Staffing companies, temp agencies and event planners can now have their employees track work hours directly from their smartphone or tablet. Ditch the old fashioned paper timesheets, which can be illegible or easy to lose. Run your staffing agency progressively by bringing our mobile time tracking technology into this essential aspect of your business.

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Simplicity At It’s Finest

Our employee time tracking system is so simple to learn that your team will require no training - we promise! Invite team members by email or text message and we’ll handle the rest by sending them a link to download our app. Employees can be up and running in seconds and once the app is installed on their phone, on onboarding tool will guide them through how to use it.

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Built for On-The-Go Users

Keeping full-time employees or part-time seasonal workers organized can be a difficult task, particularly when they work for a variety of clients or have ever-changing schedules. The accessibility of our mobile time tracking app was designed with staffing agencies and temporary employees in mind. Plus, the app runs in the background so your employees won’t be distracted by the product while they’re on the clock.

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Geolocation Aware

Boomr’s mobile time tracking app comes with powerful location tracking and GPS. We’ll verify that your employees are clocking in where they are supposed to be and you’ll be able to view their work location on a shift-to-shift basis. This helps keep your team safe and accountable when they’re on the clock, and gives you the insights you need to accurately measure productivity and performance.

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Punch Clock Option

If you have multiple employees working at the same office or event, our Terminal Mode feature allows all staff to clock in from the same smartphone or tablet. This means all employees can track time from the same device using a unique PIN code. No hardware required and no need for a clunky punch clock. Instead, use our simple yet powerful digital kiosk.

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Eliminate Unexpected Overtime

Excessive overtime hours can have a significant impact on any business. Boomr lets you proactively manage overtime by setting customizable overtime notifications. Our Overtime Watch tool will alert you and your employees when daily and weekly overtime limits are being approached. This allows you to make scheduling adjustments effectively and ensure that there are no billing surprises with your clients.

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Real-time Alerts

A challenge that many staffing agencies and temp staffing businesses have is employees forgetting to log their work hours. This can cause timesheets to be incomplete and even lead to inaccurate client billing or overpayment of paychecks. That’s why our time tracking software lets you set auto checkout rules and reminders for your employees to check in for work when they’ve arrived at the office or event.

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Save Time and Money

By using our mobile time tracking software, your business will save money each pay cycle. Whether you run a large staffing agency or a smaller event planning company, our streamlined timesheet approvals and simplified payroll process will allow you to reduce administrative overhead costs immediately. Many Boomr customers add thousands of dollars to their bottom line each year, all while keeping their employee work hours organized.