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Mobile Time Tracking App for Construction Workers, Builders & Contractors

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Mobile Time Tracking

With our mobile time tracking app, your workers can track time directly from the field or jobsite, all they need is their phone. Handwritten manual time cards can be hard to read and often get lost. Modernize your construction or contracting company by bringing our advanced technology into this essential aspect of your business.

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Easy to Use, Big Results

Designed to be simple and intuitive, your employees will require no training with our app. All you need is an email address or phone number to add employees to your account, we’ll take care of the rest by sending them a link to download our time clock app and an invitation code to get started tracking time. Once they have the app on their phone, we’ll walk them through how to use it, step-by-step.

Perfect for Mobile Workers

Managing employees, contractors and seasonal workers can be a difficult task, especially if these individuals work at multiple different locations throughout the day or week. Our mobile time tracking app, available for both iOS and Android, was built with busy field workers in mind. The app runs in the background so your employees won’t get distracted with trying to use the product while they have other responsibilities to attend to. Give your team the gift of organization, they’ll thank you for it!

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With Built-in GPS

Our mobile app comes equipped with location tracking and GPS time stamps. This ensures that your team clocks in at the correct work site and you’ll be able to verify their location for each work shift. Keep your team accountable and safe while on the job.

Time Card App for Crews

Clock in your entire crew from the same smartphone or tablet. Your crew supervisor can use Boomr in Terminal Mode, allowing all employees at a specific work location to clock in and out from the same device. We’ll issue a unique PIN code for each employee, which can be used to track time, log breaks and even specify what job or projects they are working on. Ditch your old fashioned punch clock and replace it with our simple yet powerful digital kiosk.

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Reduce Unscheduled Overtime

Overtime can quickly become the most costly expense for your business. With Boomr, you can proactively manage this cost by setting overtime alerts. Our Overtime Watch tool notifies you, and your employees, when both the daily and weekly overtime limit is being approached. This allows you to estimate job costing more accurately and ensures that the jobs you take on are profitable and come in under budget.

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Reminders and Notifications

A problem that many businesses face in the construction industry is employees and contractors forgetting to log their work hours. This can cause big challenges when payroll is due, and lead to inaccurate timesheets and even overpayment on pay checks. With our time tracking software, you can establish auto checkouts after a certain duration of time and set up reminders and notifications for your employees to check in for work when they’ve arrived at a work location.

DOL and DCAA Compliant

If your business services government contracts, you’ll want to be certain that your timekeeping processes are Department of Labor (DOL) and Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) compliant. Our time tracking system keeps your business prepared for audits with precise record keeping and reporting. All changes to work shifts are tracked by our software and all activity is properly time stamped.

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