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Take Your Business Mobile

Boomr has always been a mobile-first solution, so you could say that mobile apps are in our DNA.

Our mobile time tracking apps are built with the most modern technology available, offering you unmatched product stability and data security

Ditch your old paper time card and manual timesheets. Give your employees the flexibility and control of logging their work hours directly from their smartphone or tablet.

Our time card apps are equipped with a GPS time clock and real-time location tracking, so you’ll always know where your team is working.

See why Boomr is ranked as one of the best timesheet apps for both iOS and Android!

Time Tracking App

Over 200,000 employees love Boomr’s mobile time tracking app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Our employee time clock app tracks work hours, breaks, overtime and more.

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Mobile Apps Built for Employees

When you add your employees to Boomr, we’ll text and email them a unique invitation code and a link to download our mobile app.

The app is free for both iOS and Android.

Our time card app is so easy to use that employees can self-onboard with the tap of a button.

And while we have an awesome support team available, our customers tell us that Boomr is so intuitive and simple to use that employees can be up in running in minutes without any training required!

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Real Reviews from Real Employees

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Very dependable and easy
to use.

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Francisco 4b60840015e87a574d6675fd145c28d897e016d3b8dbb282b14750cab7394801

I really like this because it helps me track all my hours.

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Livloo 0b9af8fb50a56cdc7a4c785709e7cc4fd77e8136b640695cfd8d178600865799

The app is simple to use, and easy to understand.



Location-based Time Tracking

Boomr uses real-time geolocation to track where employees are working.

Our technology uses Google’s mapping API, so you know you’re getting the very best and most reliable solution.

With our advanced geofencing feature, you can also determine how close employees need to be to a work location in order to log time.

All check in and check outs are pinned on a map, allowing for full transparency into your workforce.

Plus, you’ll have a complete audit trail for every shift so there are never any questions about when an employee arrived at work.

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Simple, Secure and Safe

Successful mobile time tracking in your organization depends on an easy-to-use app experience for your employees.

We know how busy your employees are, which is why Boomr was designed to be fast, simple and intuitive.

Employees don’t have to worry about learning another piece of software, instead they can focus on doing what they do best and letting Boomr run in the background.

Boomr is optimized to save battery, so the app doesn’t drain battery life.

Our mobile app does not track location when an employee is not working, we believe that user privacy and safety are of utmost importance!

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Terminal Mode

Need something simple for the crew manager or office staff? We’ve got you covered!

Terminal Mode is the modern equivalent of the traditional punch clock or kiosk. Any manager can set up Terminal Mode directly from their smartphone or tablet with the tap of a button.

Once set, all employees for that jobsite or work location can track time from the same device using a special 4-digit PIN code.

Terminal Mode is great for office staff that come to work in the same place everyday.

And the best part, is that all shifts tracked in Terminal Mode flow into the management dashboard so all of your data stays organized in one place.

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