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Star 4.6

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Nathan S.

Timeclock software with lots of features

I love the BambooHR integration that Boomr has. It allows us to save time and auto-calculate PTO accumulation. There are a lot of other features available too!

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Enjoy Boomr's time tracking for our company's needs

We like the convenience of live tracking of employee time. This is beneficial when it comes to processing payroll. We can modify/approve shifts during the week as time allows right before processing payroll. Lots of flexibility. Its still new to us and the company has very good customer service to answer questions regarding the product features, etc.

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Angela D.

Boomr Is Very Useful

Very easy to use for myself and for my employees.

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Steven M.

Great time card tracker

Using Boomr to manage a small team of 6 employees. The simple design makes it easy for all ages to comprehend. The back office is simple to edit and make changes to shifts if need be. It also integrates really well with several payroll companies so you don't have to do anything to get the info over to them.

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Rainier R.

Streamlined Our Payroll and Timekeeping

We all work remote so this helps us tremendously. Very intuitive platform, easy to use. For a small team of 5 hourly employees this helps our Accountant, and cost effective too, unlike other timekeepers out there that are so confusing to use and requires layers and layers of processes to add an employee, this is very simple and streamlined.

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Jessica F.

Handy, always in my pocket

It's always easy to clock in and out on the app because my phone is always in my hand when I walk through the door. Any glitching/lagging has been fixed by keeping iOS updated or closing and re-opening the app. I love being able to see my timesheets in the app, so I can calculate my next paycheck from anywhere.

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Thoroughly enjoy my experience!

Boomr has been very positive for our business and customer service is always there to help.

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Makes keeping track of your time a breeze

It is very easy to use and makes keeping track of your time a breeze. It also keeps track of how much I am earning and that is really helpful.

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Super easy to use, and hardly ever glitches or gives me problems. Love the reports I can see of my employees as well.

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Brandon T.

Great App

Wonderful website for managing my employees time cards. I have had no problems with it in the time that I’ve been using it