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Star 4.6

star star star star star

Kelly R.

Use Boomr!

I like how simple Boomr is. There are only really two steps you need to do and you are checked in at work. Great way to track employee time!

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Stephanie D.

Best Time Management App

I like how easy it is for employees to check in at work.

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Anthony G.

Boomr helps with being on time and knowing exact amount of time spent

Everyone in our company uses this app and it shows exactly where every employee is located and exactly which task they are doing and the amount of time each employee is on a specific job and task.

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Jon R.

Very Easy

I most like Boomr's ease of use, and how I can track time at multiple locations. Its great, knowing where all my workers are, and if they are checked in.

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Maxwell G.

Extremely Straightforward

I most like the ease in which the app lets you record a shift, as well as edit and change the hours and location.

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Jonathan S.


I love Boomr because I am often working with sub contractors and with Boomr they check in and we can view where they are and how long their there - which helps with the accountability of their jobs.

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Erik M.

Best way to keep hours

I like the hour keeping with pay calculation. That way I know how much I'm getting at end of the week. Also the boss knows where I'm at and so I can prove that I was at worksite and completed work. No more visits by boss.

star star star star star

Jacob K.

Very simple to use

It's very simple, quick, and easy to use. Employees can login straight from their phones as they're walking into the office. I haven't hardly had any problems.

star star star star star

Josh P.

Great time tracking app

Easy to track your time and accessible on your iPhone or iPad. This system makes it simple to clock in and out and because it is an app, it doesn't require you to turn on a computer and wait. It is something you can load onto many different devices and have the information at your finger tips.

star star star star star

Cynthia H.

Top Solution for Companies That Desire Efficient Time Tracking

LOVE LOVE LOVE Boomr! It ranks in my top 5 apps of the year. Boomr integrates with Gusto (payroll processing), which in turn integrates with Bench (bookkeeping service), so on-boarding new employees (employees do it themselves), filing the appropriate initial and quarterly legal documents, logging time (employees do this via their phone), and paying employees is seamless and incredibly efficient. I have worked in many large companies, all of whom spent multiple days each pay period with expensive FTE's processing payroll and time through more traditional services. Incredible time-saver. Incredible service.