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Ditch paper timesheet


Ditch Paper Timesheets

Using pen and paper to track the hours you’ve worked isn’t very different from mailing a letter every time you need to contact someone. These days, you’d just send an email. So why haven’t you modernized your time keeping processes?

Employees use Boomr’s mobile app to track work time directly from their smartphone or tablet.

We then automatically put those work hours into a beautiful, easy-to-understand employee timesheet report for you to review, adjust and approve prior to running payroll.

All online, available all the time. All employee work hours will show up in one place and you’ll never submit a correction payroll again.


View Employee Work Hours in Real-time

Have you ever wondered how much your payroll cost is going to be for the next pay period? That uncertainty can be a big stressor. So, take the guess work out of it with Boomr! On a day-to-day, hour-to-hour basis you’ll know who’s working and how much time they’ve spent on the clock. No more pay day surprises, no headaches trying to track down employee timesheets the day payroll is due.

Work hours
Approve timesheet


Approve Timesheets with Ease

Our timesheet management system allows managers and administrators to review and approve work shifts directly from their phone or computer with the click of a button.

If any changes are made to a shift, our timesheet tracker will log that activity so you have a record of who made the adjustment.

Once approved, shifts are sent directly to payroll and invoicing reports. Using electronic timesheets has never been easier!

Our visual dashboard summaries show you who has worked each day at a glance and the timesheet approval process was designed to help streamline your operations with modern timecard software.


We Manage Employee Time So You
Don't Have To

Mobile and desktop time tracking built for businesses, overtime
alerts, advanced reporting and more.


Beautiful Reports, Designed for Your Business

View employee work hours for fixed work weeks or a custom date range. Whether you have weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly pay runs, our online timesheet reports tell you how much you’re spending on both regular and overtime hours, broken out by employee.

We also show you which work locations, offices or customers your employees visited the most. Export these hours into a simple excel time sheet or send hours directly into your payroll processing system using one of our awesome integrations.

Shift timeline


A Timeline for All Hours Worked

These days, it’s critical to have proof of when your employees worked. This gives everyone peace of mind that paychecks are accurate and that overtime and breaks were logged in compliance with state and federal labor laws.

When you use Boomr’s timesheet program, you’ll never have an unresolved dispute about work time.

Plus, all your data is secured on our servers so you always have access to employee timesheets from previous pay periods should an issue arise in the future.

Protect your business and encourage accountability in the workplace, when you use Boomr’s online timesheet software you have the reassurance that everything is organized and accurate.