Boomr for Developers

Empower Your Web and Mobile Applications with Rich Time & Attendance Functionality

Developers can now harness the power of mobile time tracking and incorporate core Boomr features into their products using the Boomr API.

Core Features of Our Time Tracking API

The Boomr API allows a third party product to completely offload the responsibility of tracking employee time, location and labor costs to a proven engine that does this reliably, accurately and in real-time.

Geotagging and timestamping of shift data

Hourly, salary and piece-rate pay rate settings

Custom paid and unpaid break rules

Overtime and double time pay calculations

Project and task tracking

Exportable report data for timesheets, payroll and billing

Time zone-aware calculations

International currency, date and time formats

Daily and weekly shift splitting

Expense tracking

Paid time off (PTO) tracking

SAML-based SSO options

Webhooks (Coming soon)

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Straightforward Implementation

Our API is 100% web based and technology agnostic, is fully RESTful and supports data interchange in JSON format. We offer sample requests, endpoint documentation, a sandbox and guidance from our developer support team.

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Powerful Technology

Our API provides rich back-end capabilities to customers who want to build their own UX. With data security at the core, we have 99.99% uptime and enterprise-class load balanced servers with data redundancy.

Example Use Cases

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A custom mobile app that tracks time and uses the Boomr API to store and retrieve time tracking data.

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Boomr serving as a time-tracking-as-a-service platform to handle wage and hour compliance when it is needed as part of a larger offering.

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A large HRIS or payroll system that needs a robust time tracking product and chooses to outsource to the API rather than building server-side functionality in-house.