Boomr Works with ADP Run, Paychex and Sage Payroll

Export work hours tracked with our time card app to ADP, Paychex or Sage for payroll processing, invoicing templates and billing.

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We've made it easy to send work hours that are tracked using Boomr's mobile time clock app directly to your favorite payroll solution. Our reports are compatible with ADP Run and ADP Workforce Now. There is no additional charge to send data from our software and set-up takes just a few minutes. Give your business one powerful, easy to use, labor management and HR tool.

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The Best In Time Tracking

Employees use Boomr’s time card app on their own smartphone or tablet to securely track when and where they are working. Work hours show up in real-time on your dashboard. Use our online time clock solution to keep your employees connected to your business and each other. Run your business from the cloud with our modern timesheet solution.

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ADP Run is fast, easy, and affordable payroll software — and it’s designed specifically for business owners like you. With cloud-based payroll software and automatic tax filing, you can focus on the stuff that really matters while RUN handles the rest.

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The robust Paychex Flex technology and service model supports your business success and extends the benefits of payroll outsourcing. Getting started is easy, with no software to install and upgrade, and no dedicated computer equipment to maintain.

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Sage Live aligns your entire organization with business critical, real-time information. So you can take collaboration, and your business, to the next level.

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Easily export hours tracked with our time card app and online timesheets for payroll processing.

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