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  • Sunrise Heating & Cooling
    “Boomr is a wonderful tool that helped save us $75,000+ in labor last year by reducing employee padding of time cards.”
    Travis J., Sunrise Heating & Cooling
  • Georgia Hybrid Landscaping
    “After trying two other platforms for recording our employees' time, we switched to Boomr and couldn't be happier with our choice; it's convenient, efficient, and streamlined!”
    Ryan Z., Georgia Hybrid Landscaping
  • AQ Technologies
    “The value added for my business is that I can let the product be on autopilot and then it gives me valuable data when I need it. It’s like electricity; when it is working you don’t need to think about it.”
    Robert N., AQ Technologies
  • SurveyMe
    “I'm so glad that I found Boomr! With it I can easily keep track of shifts, create payroll reports and simply, it just makes my life so much easier.”
    Penelope A., SurveyMe

Customized software for your unique employee base.

Your employees may work onsite or travel to meet customers. They may work in retail or at a desk. No matter what product or service you provide, our time management software can capture the information you need to complete payroll, schedule staffing, or evaluate employee productivity.



Residential and Commercial Cleaning
Plumbers, Painters and Flooring
Landscaping and Lawn Care
Trucking, Towing and Transportation


Accounting and Tax Services
Legal Services
Technology and IT Services


Restaurants and Retail
Staffing and Event Planning
Property Management


Design, Marketing and Sales
Healthcare and Home Health
Non-Profit Organizations and Education

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