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The Best Employee Time Tracking App for iPhone & iPad

Our mobile app for iOS automatically collects employee work hours, giving you detailed insights to your workforce in real-time. Know when and where your team is working and ensure timesheet accuracy for every payroll. Learn why over 200,000 users love Boomr’s employee time tracking app for iPhone and iPad.

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A Time Clock App Built for Employees

Our mobile app was designed with your busy employees in mind. Intuitive and easy-to-understand, our time clock app allows your team to log hours without disrupting their work. The time tracker runs in the background and every action can be made with one tap so your team is never distracted.

Breaks, overtime and even project tracking are all calculated with down to the minute accuracy so employees know their projected earnings on a day-to-day, shift-to-shift basis.

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One-click Onboarding

Getting started with Boomr takes no more than a few minutes to set up. And, when you add employees we’ll automatically text and email them an invite code to join your account. Our unique, one-click onboarding tool means that your employees can be up in running in just 30 seconds. Plus, our app is so easy to use that there is no training required and our technology was designed to preserve phone battery life and use minimal data.

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GPS Time Tracking

Our app has powerful location-based GPS built in, so you know where your employees are working. Plus, the app interface is so intuitive that it becomes a normal part of your employee’s workday. No more sloppy handwritten timesheets and your employees will say “thank you” when they know exactly how much they are earning for payroll on a day-to-day basis.

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Real-time Time Tracker

Our iOS time clock app tracks employee work time accurately and shows you where your team is working on a map. Know who is working, on break, or off the clock at a glance. All data collected from the mobile app is sent to your management dashboard, allowing you to review shift changes as they happen.

Think of Boomr as Google Analytics for your physical workforce - you’ll always be able to visualize who is on the clock and for how long, and our reporting tools give you access to custom data sets to ensure you’re tracking the right information for your business.

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Automated Reminders and Notifications

One of the biggest challenges with recording employee time is avoiding human error. With your team focused on their work, it can be difficult to remember to log hours. Boomr is here to help! With our geofence technology, employees are alerted to check in for work automatically when they arrive at a work location. In account preferences, you can also limit shifts to a specific duration and use our Overtime Watch tool to dispatch alerts when an individual is approaching the overtime limit.

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Powerful Management Tool

Our time clock app for iPhone and iPad is also handy for managers and owners. Shift edits and approvals can be made directly from the app so you can approve timesheets for payroll right from your phone.

Adding employees, work locations and even configuring your account can all be done from the mobile app. At Boomr, we pride ourselves in being a mobile-first product, so you and your management team can utilize our features regardless of where your business takes you.