Employee Time Tracking & Workforce Management Solutions for Businesses of All Types and Sizes

Easily track your employees’ work hours in real-time across any device, get overtime alerts, automate timesheet payroll reports, and save thousands yearly on inefficiencies.

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Simplify Your Timesheets, Payroll, and Accounting Today within Minutes

Boomr quickly eliminates all the hassles of traditional timesheet management

Boomr - Easily track employee work hours to the minute

Easily track work hours for your employees to the minute

Boomr - Always stay on budget and reduce time padding

Always stay on budget and reduce time padding

Boomr - Keep your employees productive & monitor performance

Increase employee productivity & monitor performance

Boomr - Save over 40 hours per month on average calculating timesheets

Save over 40 hours per month working on employee timesheets

Boomr - See where employees are with real-time GPS tracking

See where employees are with real-time GPS location tracking

Boomr - Easily review workforce data reports before payroll & billing

Easily review timesheet reports before payroll & billing

Increase Workforce Accountability, Efficiency, and Productivity with Ease

Get all the reporting you need in real-time, and in one secure place

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Boomr - Accurate Payroll & Invoice Reports

Accurate Payroll & Invoice Reports

Easily stay within your fiscal budgets throughout each month with our real-time reporting

Boomr - Employee Productivity Reports

Employee Productivity Reports

Easily create custom work shift reports for productive time, drive time, travel time, and specific project time

Boomr - Compliance


We help you stay current with federal & state labor laws, along with regulatory changes.

Boomr - Automate Your Workforce

Automate Your Workforce

Text, email, in-app notifications, and location-based reminders ensure no employee forgets to check in at the office or work site, take a break, or to clock in & clock out

Boomr - Overtime Tracking

Overtime Tracking

Easily eliminate expensive overtime hours when both you and your employees are both automatically alerted to impending overage

Boomr - Project Tracking

Project Tracking

Never fall behind and always know the status of your employees’ progress across a variety of different tasks and projects

Boomr - Hassle-free Shift Management

Hassle-free Shift Management

Easily automate your employee shift schedules by creating your own custom shift rules for each employee

Boomr - Automatic Alerts & Reminders

Automatic Alerts & Reminders

Easily set up and deploy custom alerts & reminders based on each of your employee’s unique work habits

Boomr - Error-proof Recordkeeping

Error-proof Recordkeeping

Review employee timesheets with ease and quickly identify any discrepancies to create a pristine audit trail

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